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Are you assigned a task to write an expository essay?


If so, you have landed at the right page.

I get it, writing essays every week can take its toll on you.


I mean writing a simple essay is one thing, but when you come in contact with terms like expository essay, analytical essay, rhetorical essays, it’s hard not to panic.


While these seem like a hard nut to crack, it’s not that difficult --- with the right information and practice you can get done with your essays in no time.


In this article, I’m going to discuss expository essays.


Expository essay: definition


Expository comes from “expose” and expose means to disclose or reveal something to others. Similar to that, in an expository essay, your main goal should be to explain and inform your reader about a certain topic by providing such extensive details so they can easily understand it.


Methods of an Expository Essay


Different methods of writing an expository essay include


  •  Extended Definition
  •  Compare and Contrast
  •  Cause and Effect 
  •  Problem and Solution



Expository essay: types


Process Essay: a process essay is where the steps or process of doing something is explained.


Comparison Essay: a comparison essay is where you compare and contrast two things.


Cause/Effect Essay: a cause and effect essay talks about the cause of an event and its effects.


Problem/Solution Essay: Problem and solution papers are what many thinks of as the typical academic assignment. In this type of expository essay, problems are identified and stated, and possible solutions are discussed. You must shed light on a problem and propose a valid solution for it. For this, you can hire an essay writers and tell him write essay for me.


Expository essay: topics


  •  What is the history of your birthplace?
  •  Explain the consequences a criminal has to face when he gets caught committing a specific crime
  •  Explain what it is like living in poverty
  • Explain the main cause of obesity in teenagers in the US.
  • Explain the functioning of a WIFI
  • How does gravity work?
  • What are the main causes of depression in America?
  • Describe and explain a phobia that you or someone you know has.
  • Explain the process of film making--- how are movies made?
  • How does memory work