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Here are some of the excuses those who get caught with plagiarism make


1.   I did not plagiarize but just paraphrased: Hey!!  if you don’t know yet that you are supposed to cite even though if you paraphrased, it is high time to learn that paraphrasing is plagiarism too.  You must cite your source for using the idea you paraphrased from.

2.      Oops, I forgot to put quotation marks:  If you thinking how to write my essay for me, don’t take it light. Learn that direct quotes always have to be put in quotation mark.  Forgetting the right way to quote isn’t the best excuse, please avoid that.

3.       Sorry, I should have put the author name it just skipped my mind:  Listen, brother, you can't forget to cite the author for your main ideas if they are drawn from his work. Pay attention to citations when dealing with research-based assignments or else you are in big trouble. Excuse isn’t going to save you but proper citation is.

4.       I was unaware that plagiarism is not allowed — one of the very lame excuses someone can ever make. From the very first day of an academic writing class, it is told to students that "do not plagiarize" is the university policy.  Reading and paying attention to school policies is your due responsibility for the sake of your own self. Kindly take instructions seriously.

5.      My friend was just helping me; I didn’t mean to plagiarize: Learn to be honest with your work. You can't make someone do your work and submit it for you. Even for good intention if someone else is giving you his work it is stealing which in literary term is plagiarism. Your work is your work, and it is unethical to submit someone else's work.


6.      Sorry, it was my first attempt:  No one cares if it is the first time you are caught or second or third. Listen to me! You are not a 2-year-old baby who would get away with an excuse like this. Be careful. You could be expelled from school.


7.      I felt references were not necessary: Look! When you are writing a research paper, you have to and must give references to the proper citation, or else we mark you zero. Sorry, you failed the course. Oops! Please remember that references are essential while dealing with academic writing, never take the risk!  They are necessary!!